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MODERN WONDERS A „Titanic“ fiddle – wow!

… and a collector paid US$ 1,5 mio. for the unplayable instrument …It really shouldn’t have happened because it couldn’t have happened! When the „Titanic“ sank in 1912, he orchestra played „Nearer my God to thee …“, then the musicians sprang overboard, including the bandleader and violinist Wallace H. Hartley, who had strapped his fiddle … Continue reading »

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MUSIC A Story Of Glory … (No. 31)

Werner Grobholz from Munich and his Giovanni Paolo MagginiWhen he squeezes this violin between his chin and his shoulder, you are not aware that he hugs a fortune. But I tell you: Werner Grobholz, celebrated member of the famous classical orchestra Munich Philharmonics, plays an instrument from 1620, manufactured by the Italian master Giovanni Paolo … Continue reading »

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