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MUSIC Lost & Found … (No. 33)

Yes, there is one, people are not aware of it, and if, they have forgotten what it is. The „Radetzky March“ (dada-tam,dada-tam, dada-tamtamtam…“), most famous of all Viennese marches, composed in 1848 by Johann Strauß, is the „Marseillaise of the Conservatives“. The national anthem of the anti-revolutionaries. Strauß wrote it against his own sons who … Weiterlesen »

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HEROES Interesting People … (No. 33)

Go to Linz in Austria, visit the St. Barbara Cemetery and contemplate a few minutes at the grave I show you here. What a story lies here! Andreas Reischek (15 September 1845 – 3 April 1902) was a taxidermist, ornithologist, collector, notable for his extensive expeditions throughout New Zealand – and became the only foreigner … Weiterlesen »

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