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Tagged With: Vatican

TRAVELS In The Land Of The Catharists …

THEY WERE A CHRISTIAN SECT in the 12th and the 13th century, all over Europe but mainly in the Southwest of France. A purists order, who hated the catholic structures of the church and the papal Rome, preached the simple life and lived in seclusion in fortresses on top of rocky cliffs and almost unreachable … Weiterlesen »

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RELIGION Follow The Arrows …

THE PEACEFUL AND SUCCESSFUL ADVANCE OF THE ISLAM in Christian countries is, in my opinion, strongly manifested in ARROWS! In those small, sometimes discreet signs in international hotels all over Europe, America, Asia, Africa and Ocenania, all pointing in one direction – to Mecca! I found them on the ceilings of rooms (in the „Swiss … Weiterlesen »

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PALACES The Nice Advice … (No. 70)

The fact is that it’s holy ground. 110 hectars in the middle of Tokyo. The spiritual centre of the whole nation for thousands of years. A nature’s paradise with lakes and hills, forests and lawns. Surrounded by mighty walls and much tighter guarded than the Vatican or the Kremlin. No plane is allowed to molest … Weiterlesen »

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CEMETERIES In Praise of … (No. 44)

It is, some say, the oldest cemetery for travelers in the world, founded in the 8th century  A. C. for pilgrims to Rome. The Campo Santo Teutonico its very small and crowded by tombstones and more a park than a field of graves. I call it an oasis in the shadow of St. Peter, often … Weiterlesen »

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