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Look What I saw In Zimbabwe!

I COULDN’T BELIEVE MY EYES – and the flash of an idea poisened my brain: Is it anti-african to show it here? In a „white“ blog? Well, I came to the conclusion that you might see such an hilarious toilet advice even in Lower Bavaria (Germany) or in Gurky Corner (Wisconsin/USA). This one here I … Weiterlesen »

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TOILETS Let’s Get Personal … (No. 17)

Mainly ladies, I guess, will applaud the celebrated hollywood star. In or for an intimate moment. What happened? Gwyneth Paltrow was recently nailed to the cross as a bitch because she insists, whereever she visits a toilet (in restaurants, gyms, privat houses),on a „unused“ toilet paper roll. Which doesn’t mean what you think. Worse! She … Weiterlesen »

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MONSTERS Lost & Found … (No. 44)

The Russian dictator boarded an airplane almost never. Not secure enough – and how could something fly which was heavier than air? Stalin travelled by train, had his own green saloon car, a legend in his time, and after his death in 1953 and the end of the Soviet Union this luxury transport tool disappeared … Weiterlesen »

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TOILETS Moments You Never Forget … (3)

Of course you know the legendary hotel „Peninsula“. Everybody does. Some even know the rooftop bar „Frederick’s“. But who has visited the toilet there? You? But have you ever sat down behind closed doors? No? That’s what I’m talking about. The best view in the world from a porcelain chair! The breathtaking silhouette of the … Weiterlesen »

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