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We Are Underestimating Elevator Doors …

I WAS REMINDED OF THE MISTAKE WE ALL MAKE by a page in „The New Yorker“ (shown here). The American artist Julia Rothman had 6 elevator doors, all in famous buildings of New York, beautifully painted and the readers were asked, to recognize them (some difficult, some easy). But the essence of this page was: … Weiterlesen »

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Lake Chad is vanishing …

THIS LAKE WAS ONCE THE SOURCE OF LIFE FOR MILLIONS! With 22 600 sqkm it was bigger than Israel or Slovenija, four times bigger than Lake Albert and bordering the states Niger, Nigeria, Cameroon and Chad. And now? Lake Chad has shrunk by ca. 95 %!!! The northern basin is desert now, part of the … Weiterlesen »

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LANDMARKS The Nice Advice … (No. 69)

There is hardly a Leonid Trotter McGill story by this wonderful author Walter Mosley in which he doesn’t sing the praise of the „Tesla“, „the most beautiful Art Deco building in the world.“ The problem is: There is no New Yorker skyscraper called „The Tesla Building“. But – there is a building on whose uppermost … Weiterlesen »

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HOTELS Collectors Corner (No. )

It’s called „The Waldorf Amnesty Program“ and it was introduced in the hope of retrieving the many goods that have disappeared from the hotel over the years, from silver cutlery to wall decorations. In July 2012 Matt Zolbe, the „Waldorf’s“ marketing director, announced the program on Facebook and Twitter and promised: „I don’t plan on … Weiterlesen »

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RESTAURANTS If You Ever Come To … N. Y. (60)

I’m always looking for history, especially in places where history is not old by European standard – like in New York City. I’m grateful for any information, concerning amazing circumstances, and the „Fanelli Cafe“, at the corner of Prince and Mercer Streets in SoHo, is such a place. It is said to be the second-oldest … Weiterlesen »

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HEROES Interesting People … (No. 17)

I met him by chance, this best Sudanese on earth, and Mo Ibrahim (*1946) asked me, what became of the estate of Leni Riefenstahl and the photos of his countrymen, the Nuba. I told him: „Her widower ist guarding them like the dragon the gold  of King Arthur.“ I was so glad to talk to … Weiterlesen »

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TREES A Story Of Glory … (No. 28)

Naturally you visit the 9/11 plaza the next time you are in New York. Or you have done it already. Whatever – don’t overlook the single callery-pear tree in the centre of Ground Zero. It was a burned stump after the terror attack, but it was brought back to health at the Arthur Ross Nursery … Weiterlesen »

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HUMOUR The Book To Look … (No. 12)

It’s a very old question: What to do when …? Some people solve the problem by installing a small library in the tiled room. Others take printed entertainment with them for the sit-ins. I tell you: What you need permanently is „The World of George Price“ from 1988, the most amusing cartoon book, a volume … Weiterlesen »

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