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MUTINY „Bounty’s“ Never Ending Story …

REMEMBER, when the mutineers of the „Bounty“ fled to Tahiti and Pitcairn, the British admiralty sent the „Pandora“ after them, catching the ones on Tahiti, sailing back to England, being shipwrecked off the Australian peninsula of York with all on board safe but three. Those couldn’t get rid of their chains fast enough and the … Weiterlesen »

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GRAVES Lost & Found … (No. 20)

He was the painter of the South Seas (but not only), trough him Tahiti became Shangri-la. Born 1848 in Paris, died in 1903 only 54 years old. But where? And where is his grave? Well, in his eternal fight with the catholic church he fled again to the Pacific Ocean, settle on the tiny island … Weiterlesen »

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