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R.I.P. The Craziest Grave On Earth!

A beloved TV star took his living room – to the cemetery …HIS NAME WAS JOE MAFELA and he was so popular in South Africa, fans would kiss his footsteps. A local hero of TV, an entertainer, singer, writer, producer, model, talkshow host and comedian. Now he is dead, victim with 74 of a frontal car … Continue reading »

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AFRICA Witchcraft is very much alive …

The story of an old lady who can switch into a bird!I hope you can read this article from a newspaper in Zambia. But the story from Nigeria spread all all over Africa like a bushfire. How people almost killed this old lady because the suspected her to be a witch, and there is indeed … Continue reading »

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ASTROLOGY A Conversation Piece … (No. 10)

Some people are crazy about superstition – mainly in AsiaNothing happens in some countries without the verdict of the astrologers. Political decisions, sport events, private celebrations, birthdays and dying hours, even wars – there seems to be a lucky day and an unhappy day for everything and all. The stars rule the reality and the … Continue reading »

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MYSTERY Collectors Corner … (No. 38)

The mysterious, even dangerous fetish idols of ZaireWhen you search for them, they were all over the place from Bunia to Kisangani. Hidden in the huts or the jungle of Eastern Zaire or Congo. Long as a man’s hand, hollow, decorated with old strings, made of fiber, and strange hieroglyphs of dark origin, the cranium … Continue reading »

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FETISH The Nice Advice … (No. 40)

Now you can punish the criminal presidents all over the worldCan you change the course of the world’s history? No. Can you be a pain in the ass of criminal world leaders? Yes. Just look for the fetish dolls who are sold secretly or open via Internet or in certain shops all over the globe. … Continue reading »

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