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RESTAURANTS Stone Age Kitchen – yummy!

                    WAS CAVEMAN SO STRONG BECAUSE HE ATE SO HEALTHY? Was „Oetzi“ such an athlete because he digested better food then we do? Are we eating too much, too diversified and too many comes-tibles, our bodies don’t need? No more questions, let’s find out! A new … Weiterlesen »

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ART A Story Of Glory … (No. 36)

Southern Spain, the tiny town of Nerja between Malaga and Almeria (south of Granada). The Nerja Cave was known, but not the age of the six paintings on the stalagmites and stalactites. Hardly visible, hidden in dark pockets or high up on the stone columns, erected by nature in thousands of years. Two red seals … Weiterlesen »

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LITERATURE Lost & Found … (No. 17)

You remember „Oetzi“, the 5300 years old mummy which a glacier in the European Alps spit out in 1991? Since then scientists and all mankind try to solve the mystery of this warrior from stone age. I just discovered that the creator of Tarzan, Edgar Rice Burroughs, has forseen the fate of Oetzi – in … Weiterlesen »

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