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AUCTIONS You Want A Piece Of A Pope?

There is a original gold-embroidered Mitra for sale …HONESTLY, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT PART OF A POPE’S WARDROBE IS AVAILABLE. But in November (2017) they auction an original Mitra in Munich. It belonged, so the catalogue says, to the Polish Pope John Paul II (1920-2005) – one of these ceremonial hats, used in pompous appearences, … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Rest In Peace, Giant Earwig!

A requiem for an animal, nobody liked, I think … I CAN’T IMAGINE MORE THAN THREE PERSONS who rejoiced when they saw one. The St. Helena Giant Earwig (Labidura herculanea in Latin) was a monster, at least 3 1/s inches long, with gripping pliers of incredible 1 1/2 inches – on their behind! Thanks god, … Continue reading »

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