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Louis Vuitton Is Attacked …

… successfully by a brand called Goyard!THE MATERIAL IS MORE OR LESS THE SAME, but the design is different. The bags seem being simpler to me, also a bit more decent, which a lot of real ladies prefer. I discovered Goyard in a boutique in St Tropez – or not, since all the bags were … Continue reading »

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SHOES Lost & Found … (No. 73)

… the only surviving traditional shoemaker: Pere Parets Horrach50 years ago only, you didn’t see a native without these shoes: a sole of straw, the top dark blue cotton cloth and all stitched together with a strong rope-like string. Beautiful shoes who were adopted by the Jetset in the 1960s, were transformed into caricatures of … Continue reading »

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POSTCARDS Lost & Found (No. 74)

They made an astonishing discovery in the South of France!Yes, the postcard was dead! Yes, there are some old fashioned tourist who still write nonsense home, like „Greetings from …“ or „The weather is fine, the food lousy …“. But 99 % of the travellers make people at home envious by sending something through electronical … Continue reading »

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