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CITIES How New York was made …

WHAT AN ENTERTAINING BOOK! I discovered it late, since Jerome Charyn wrote it in 2004 already: „Gangsters & Gold Diggers“. It’s by far the most amusing and surprising story of Broadway, and therefore of New York, written as a clever readers menu: in about 20 biographies of criminals, dancers, singers, actors, writers and politicians. Well … Weiterlesen »

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SPORT If You Ever Come To … Ireland (No. 55)

Just put together rugby, football, hockey, lacrosse, handball, boxing, wrestling and streetfighting. Find some (but very few) basic rules for the the new exercise and enough iron guys to organize a league and tournaments. It’s played in the Republic of Ireland only and they call it Hurling. By far the toughest sport on earth, the … Weiterlesen »

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FESTIVALS Moments You Never Forget … (No. 15)

Erudite people might remember the name: The Trobriands are the erotic paradise on earth, as described in 1929 by Bronislaw Malinowski in his book „The Sexual Live of Savages“. True, even today. And now imagine: 120 panther-like and very handsome  bodybuilders, dressed in palmleafs and decorated with flowers and feathers, playing island cricket with wooden … Weiterlesen »

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