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SPICES I Break The Boycott for Iranian Saffron!

A friend from Tehran always smuggles the floral gold … OH, IT’S SO INCREDIBLE EXPENSIVE! Well, they harvest cheaper Saffron nowadays in Spain, there is even an international „Fake Trade“, but by far the best still comes from the Iranian province of Khorasan. Saffron from there will cost you ca. 5000 Euro or US$ 5500 per … Continue reading »

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ARCHITECTURE No Styrofoam In The Windows!

Don’t make a mistake when you visit very old churches … YES, I MADE THE MISTAKE! Visiting churches which were built between the years 500 and 1200 in Nor- thern Spain, Southern France and Italy, I couldn’t identify with what material the romanic and gothic windows were filled. Glass? Definitely not! Dirty or blind glass? … Continue reading »

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PEOPLE Yes, There Are Men With 12 Fingers …

… and you know, what their traditional profession is – waiters! WITH MY OWN EYES I HAVE SEEN TWO OF THIS SPECIES! One in a restaurant in Girona (Catalunya) and one on a plane to Tirana (Albania). Both were waiters, but when I met them, I didn’t see anything unusual. They had indeed six fingers … Continue reading »

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CURIOSITIES What Happens Around Llivia …

It’s an odd enclave, a very strange place in the middle of Europe! I KNOW, THERE ARE ENCLAVES ALL OVER THE GLOBE. But very few are a land-island, completely surrounded by another state or nation. Like Gibraltar, Melilla and Ceuta – they are harbors, open on one end, not in a „prison“. Well, I’v been … Continue reading »

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FILMS Collectors Corner

Discoveries on the island of Majorca: A treasure trove of the „Heralds“ …The professionals call them „Heralds“, for the ordinary people they are „Hand-outs“, distributed from roughly 1930 to 1970, to anvertise the arrival of new movies in cinemas all over the world. But even before the movie theaters died, these small examples of wonderful … Continue reading »

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MUSIC In Praise of …

… of Maria Albero and her incredible national anthem for travellersShe was a Spanish composer and singer from Valencia und in 2013 she died suddenly. I had never heard her name, knew nothing about this remarkable woman; but when I drank a Cortado in a Cafe near the cathedral in Barcelona, this strange melody appeared … Continue reading »

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TREASURES Collectors Corner (No. 41)

I know a source of movie memorabilia: Spanish flea markets!It’s strange but they cultivated the art of the movie poster down there in Spain – in all sizes and longer than in any other country. For ages the film companies (and cinemas) employed artists to produces dramatic star images with brush und paint, and there … Continue reading »

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RESTAURANTS Moments You Never Forget (45)

Eat right in the kitchen of a a Michelin One-Star-Restaurant!A restaurant has a dining room and a kitchen. Yes, that’s how we are used to eat. Sometimes, let‘s say in Japan, Greece, Italy or at McDonald’s you can’t draw a line between the two. And in the celebrated restaurant „Moli d’en Bou“ in Sa Coma … Continue reading »

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SOUVENIRS Oh, What A Shame … (No. 20)

Are you interested in scarfs, stained with George Orwell’s blood?Yes, there was a chance to buy these literary souvenirs, if you dare to call them so. The world famous British writer was fighting in the Spanish Civil War, hiding in a trench near Huesca in Northern Spain. He wore three scarfs, one with polka dots … Continue reading »

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ADVENTURE Moments You Never Forget (No. 47)

This path in Spain is a real test for your courage – just look!It’s called the „Camino del Rey“ – the King’s Way. Because they claim that the Spanish king Alfonso XIII. walked it in 1921. What a brave man! Today it’s much tougher to conquer this 3 km or 1,8 mi long walk along  … Continue reading »

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