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MONEY 2 Only Clean Dollar Bills, please!

The strange monetary rules in some countries … I’VE JUST BEEN TO SOUTHERN AFRICA, with a pocket full of US-Dollars (well, as much as I could afford). But I wasn’t able to use all of them, in Botswana, Zimbabwe and South Africa they would not accept all the banknotes I offered. As readers of my … Continue reading »

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Follow Hakeem Kae-Kazim to „The Old Bisciut Mill“ in CapetownHe is a rising star in Hollywood, born in Nigeria, living in South Africa and he wonderful „Mr. Scott“ in the American TV hit series „Black Sails“: actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim. I met him recently by chance at the airport Zurich and asked him the plainest of … Continue reading »

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OH, WHAT A SHAME! Say Good-Bye To Rhinos

… they have no chance to survive! Just look at these figures!I’ve told the the well-minded people already years ago: By 2020 all the rhinos in the wild, in Africa and in Asia, will be gone! Look at Zambia: It had over 4000 rhinos by 1989. And now? Not a single one. In South Africa … Continue reading »

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MONEY I Got A Strange Message …

The difference between small and big heads on US Dollar Notes! Strange things happen in strange parts of the world! Listen to this: When I tried to pay the 50 US$ visa fee for Zambia (Africa) at the Airport of the capital Lusaka, they refused my money!!! The immigration officer said: „Your dollar notes are … Continue reading »

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EQUIPMENT Oh, What A Shame … (No. 17)

Why the FlipFlops in Johannesburg are a flippy flopNot burdened by any knowledge, you leave your FlipFlops at home and plan to buy a nice pair in Johannesburg before wandering off into the wild. Oh, the South African got a famous production, called „Havaianas“. Very fashionable, a large variety for Her and Him, pretty well … Continue reading »

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PROTECTION The News To Use … (No. 25)

The South Africans should know what helps against the pest! … and they do! Truely: Isn’t it ridiculous to buy cremes, sprays and fluids against mosquitos, sandflies and other biting and stinging insects anywhere else but the countries where these menaces are at home? I thought so when I came across „Tabard“. Produced in South … Continue reading »

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LITERATURE The Book To Look … (No. 10)

They call him a racist, but he is a very good writer   Herman Charles Bosman (1905-1951), a South African teacher who shot his stepbrother (maybe by accident), was sentenced to death, pardoned, spend 10 years in prison and was killed by a heart attack. Well, he was white, a farmboy, lived in the Apartheid, … Continue reading »

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SPORT A Conversation Piece … (No. 11)

Here I show you by far the toughest golf hole on this earth!Fly to South Africa, turn to Limpopo province in the northeast, look for the town of Entabeni and find the most exclusive Legend Golf and Safari Club. A wonderful 18 holes golf course through the unspoiled wilderness of the Dark Continent. And then … Continue reading »

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CLIMATE Moments You Never Forget … (No. 20)

You know what hellish heat is? No, you don’t! I tell you: Real heat is when you don’t want to move your pinky because the energy you need would cause you to loose a pint (or half a litre) of sweat. Real heat is, when the trees run after the dogs to be watered. Mark … Continue reading »

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SHIPWRECKS Collectors Corner … (No. 18)

Visit the Flea Market of the divers near CapetownLook at this turning calender of the „S. S. Southern Cross“, isn’t it beautiful? Made of brass and enamel on a base of marble. It slept for many years in the sea, where Atlantic and Indian Ocean meet, east of Capetown in South Africa. It came from … Continue reading »

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