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MONEY Absolutely, definitely worthless …

… but very beautiful: The Somaliland Shilling! YES, YOU KNOW, THAT I GOT A KNACK FOR STRANGE BANKNOTES … – and the one I’m showing you here, is the strangest of all. Because it was issued by the government of a country, SOMALILAND, which doesn’t exist (officially). Is not recognized by any other state. But … Continue reading »

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TREES The Critic At Large … (No. 29)

We are using too much incense, the incense trees are dying Incense is tapped from the bark of the Boswellia tree in Somalia and Yemen (mainly). They slash the bark, the tree bleeds the raisin – and tapped trees produce seeds that germinate at only 16 %. In other words: The church and the parfume … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Lost & Found … (No. 37)

In search of the last lions in strange parts of the worldWhen the mapmakers of the 12th century didn’t know what to do with the withe spots (Terra Incognita), they filled them with doodles of strange animals and people and used a formula of abashment: HIC SUNT LEONES – Here are lions. And they were … Continue reading »

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