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MONEY Absolutely, definitely worthless …

YES, YOU KNOW, THAT I GOT A KNACK FOR STRANGE BANKNOTES … – and the one I’m showing you here, is the strangest of all. Because it was issued by the government of a country, SOMALILAND, which doesn’t exist (officially). Is not recognized by any other state. But it is very well governed, maybe the … Weiterlesen »

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TREES The Critic At Large … (No. 29)

Incense is tapped from the bark of the Boswellia tree in Somalia and Yemen (mainly). They slash the bark, the tree bleeds the raisin – and tapped trees produce seeds that germinate at only 16 %. In other words: The church and the parfume industry need so much incense that the trees don’t reproduce and … Weiterlesen »

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ANIMALS Lost & Found … (No. 37)

When the mapmakers of the 12th century didn’t know what to do with the withe spots (Terra Incognita), they filled them with doodles of strange animals and people and used a formula of abashment: HIC SUNT LEONES – Here are lions. And they were right! Lions could by found in unexpected places like Gujarat, Somalia, … Weiterlesen »

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