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The Spanish Port celebrates the French writer HE WAS TWICE IN VIGO, and both times Jules Verne was passenger on a ship and something went wrong! First he had to take refuge in Vigo, after tremendous gales almost sank the vessel, the second time, some years later, the ship herself had a grave problem and … Continue reading »

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Need A Nice Hotel in Venice?

I got one! The „Bucintoro“ – personally tested by me … THERE ARE MANY POSITIVA WHICH CONVINCED ME. First: The location opposite San Giorgio, 10 minutes walk from Piazza San Marco and the Giardini, 5 minutes walk to the Arsenale – and it’s right on the shore of the big Canale, the Giudecca. Second: The „Bucintoro“ … Continue reading »

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MODERN WONDERS A „Titanic“ fiddle – wow!

… and a collector paid US$ 1,5 mio. for the unplayable instrument …It really shouldn’t have happened because it couldn’t have happened! When the „Titanic“ sank in 1912, he orchestra played „Nearer my God to thee …“, then the musicians sprang overboard, including the bandleader and violinist Wallace H. Hartley, who had strapped his fiddle … Continue reading »

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SHIPS The Nice Advice … (No. 63)

Go on a long water voyage – without getting seasickYou want to travel on a boat from which the shore is always just a step and waves are non-existent, and therefore sea-sickness is unknown? Then I got something for you. The route: You cross Sweden on an inland-water, from Stockholm in the East (the red … Continue reading »

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COSMETICS Lost & Found … (No. 34)

The soap in the first class cabins of the „Titanic“ is still sold „Only the Best“ was the motto on the most luxurious passengership ever build, the „Titanic“. At least in the First Class and the public rooms. Few of the items (and manufacturers) have survived the desaster of 1912 but one toilet article, a … Continue reading »

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SHIPS Lost & Found … (No. 35)

There is more than one „Flying Dutchman“, even better ones If it wasn’t for the German composer Richard Wagner, we would have forgotten the „Flying Dutchman“, the story of a cursed captain who can never make port, doomed to sail the oceans forever until Judgement Day. The truth is: There are at least a dozen … Continue reading »

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LITERATURE The Critic At Large … (No. 22)

A precious book, an sensational secret – and all for just 1 Cent?It’s a shame! The book was published in 1927, bound in finest goat leather and highly artistic paper, with eight great watercolours by Franz Heckendorf, the author is one of the best of the 20th century, the Austrian jew Richard A. Bermann (aka … Continue reading »

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SHIPS Lost & Found … (No. 29)

Do you know what happened with emperor Caligula’s barges?There is a small lake in the mountains southeast of Rome, called Nemi and with a diameter of 1 km (or 1/2 mile) only. The crazy and cruel Roman emperor Caligula (37-41 a. Chr) watered two enormous ships of formerly unheard splendor, measuring 73 x 24 m … Continue reading »

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