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CAMPFIRES In Praise of …

… the Paella Pan from Spain, used the African way!I just came back from an extensive safari – and I discovered the different but excellent use of the large Paella Pan, so well known to Spaniards and tourists in Spain. We are all aware that in these pans delicacies on a rice bed are produced, … Continue reading »

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PEOPLE The Book To Look … (No. 35)

Everybody loves elephants. One man loves them even more!You remember Randall Jay Moore? The „Living Legend“, the man who brought elephants from all over the world back to Africa – which means he freed them from circuses, amusement parks and zoological gardens. Who founded „Abu Camp“, the worlds most esclusive (and expensive) lodge with safaris … Continue reading »

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PROTECTION The News To Use … (No. 25)

The South Africans should know what helps against the pest! … and they do! Truely: Isn’t it ridiculous to buy cremes, sprays and fluids against mosquitos, sandflies and other biting and stinging insects anywhere else but the countries where these menaces are at home? I thought so when I came across „Tabard“. Produced in South … Continue reading »

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