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INDUSTRY What Osram Did For Michelangelo

WHEN YOU VISIT MICHELANGELO’S MASTERPIECE, you feel like you have never seen it! For two reasons: 1. The restoration freshend up the colors like they appeared when the Italian genius had just finished the Sixtine Chapel of the St. Peter’s Dome in 1512. 2. The German light  company Osram got the job to renew the … Weiterlesen »

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LAWS Oh, What A Shame … (No. 15)

I remember the times well, when almost everything was permitted and Italy still functioned perfect. Now new laws have been introduced and chaos reigns in some parts of beautiful Italia. Because policemen lost count whats okay and what not, judges can’t follow all the new „decreti“ of the politicians, and in some communities things run … Weiterlesen »

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CITIES If You Ever Come to … (No. 70)

The shame is, that L’Aquila lies in an earthquake zone. Just recently it was damaged heavily. No, no, not destroyed but too many buildings have to be restored and the Italian government doesn’t care. What I wanted to tell you is the strange fact, that L’Aquila is a genuine medieval town, got its present look … Weiterlesen »

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MUSEUMS The Nice Advice … (No. 22)

The collection of the Papal State, accumulated in 2000 years, is so vast that nobody – not even the Holy Father – has seen more than some 100 exibits. The Vatican Museums got millions of objects in store, from coins to paintings, from sculptures to scrolls. One estimates that only 20 % are on display … Weiterlesen »

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This Shop Is Top (No. 11)

We are aiming at the best knee or long socks (hell, who would wear he short ones?) on earth. Therefore you go to Via di Santa Chiara 34 in Rome and enter Gammarelli (unfortunately closed on saturdays). They are the tailor of popes and cardinals since 1798 but open to the public in their unpretentious … Weiterlesen »

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RELIGION The Critic At Large … (No. 20)

The catholic business with the so called „Holy Relics“ is ridiculous. The wise prophet Mohammed knew very well why he didn’t allow such nonsense. The latest idiocy happened around te Polish Pope John Paul II.: When the Turkish assailant Ali Agca tried to kill him on May 13, 1981 with three bullets in front of … Weiterlesen »

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SHIPS Lost & Found … (No. 29)

There is a small lake in the mountains southeast of Rome, called Nemi and with a diameter of 1 km (or 1/2 mile) only. The crazy and cruel Roman emperor Caligula (37-41 a. Chr) watered two enormous ships of formerly unheard splendor, measuring 73 x 24 m (80 x 27 yards) and 71 x 20 … Weiterlesen »

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