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SECRETS This One Nobody Has Ever Seen!

YES, MAN HAS CON- QUE- RED EARTH, there are no white spots left, maybe some undiscovered caves exist and the bottom of the Seven Seas isn’t‘ explored totally either. But a mammal which no living person has ever even seen alive? An animal which was never caught alive, not even by a camera? In more … Weiterlesen »

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NATURE Oh, What A Shame … (No. 9)

You know why? Because in the rainforest which grows in the western Amazonas region in Brazil, on 100 square meters (to make it easier, let’s say: 100 square yards) you find about 20 000 trees, belonging to 2000 species. It’s the densest growth with the widest variety of any forest in the world. 20 000 … Weiterlesen »

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