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VICES Even Satan Junior Smokes …

I’M NOT A SMOKER, but I’m always interested in the tobacco legend. And the world leaders who are nicotine junkies, especially if they are ruthless dictators. Those murderers, robbers and suppressers of freedom who cultivate an image of god-like purity and wisdom. Like the ridiculous KIM JONG-UN of North Korea who is rarely seen without … Weiterlesen »

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NORTH KOREA The Story Of My Postcards …

OF COURSE I DID MY BEST AND KEPT MY PROMISE! Bought typical aggressive postcards – three hands squeezing a US rocket and a GI – and typical aggressive stamps – the communist national flag (exactly the propaganda articles they like to get from this strange country), wrote something the North Korean censors wouldn’t mind (and … Weiterlesen »

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CARS A Conversation Piece … (No. 45)

When I asked my guide (my controller really) in the Northern Korean capital of Pyöng- yang what this thing on four wheels is, I got the proud answer: „The cuckoo!“ What? „Our car, produced in North Korea!“ I’m a polite visitor, otherwise I would have answered: „Yes, and it looks like it.“ It’s a car … Weiterlesen »

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SPORT The News To Use … (No. 8)

I played there recently. 30 km or 18 mi from the capital Pyöngyang. On a very wonderful, paradistic, totally unexpected  18 holes championship course in the hills. An oasis in the wasteland of Northkorea. Tended like the dictator’s private garden. With three players (Malaysian diplomats) other than me, moving on brandnew electric carts. 63 Euro … Weiterlesen »

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FASHION A Story of Glory … (No. 29)

It was surprising news: The North Korean communist party paper „Rodong Sinmun“ declared, „that the Beloved Leader’s modest-looking suits have gripped people’s imagination and became a global vogue.“ Really? The suits consist of an overall-style zipped-up tunic and matching trousers, both usually in khaki shades. Let’s pretend you managed to visit Comrade Kim Jong Il’s … Weiterlesen »

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SHOW Moments You Never Forget … (No. 26)

Forget what amazed you at the Opening Ceremony oif the Olympic Games! Forget every mass ceremony you have seen in a stadium, even the the games in the Colosseum of the Old Rome, as arranged in Hollywood films. „Arirang“ is the real thing, the so called „Gymnastic  Games“ of North Korea, celebrated always in September … Weiterlesen »

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