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ATTRACTIONS The Nice Advice … (No. 67)

I was turned down twice as I wanted to board the ferry to Alcatraz. Merciless. That I flew in from Europe, didn’t soften their hearts of stone. „Booked out for days“, I was told. That’s why I tell you: Use www.alcatrazcruises.com and buy your ticket(s) weeks before you reach San Francisco! Get the online ticket … Weiterlesen »

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HORROR Interesting People … (No. 51)

I tell you: It’s a monster’s story! The story of Vasili Mikhailovich Blokhin (7 January 1895-3 February 1955). A Major-General who served as the chief executioner of the Soviet Union, hand-picked by Stalin in 1926. Blokhin is recorded as having personally executed tens of thousands of prisoners by his own hand. He initially decided on … Weiterlesen »

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