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CITIES How New York was made …

WHAT AN ENTERTAINING BOOK! I discovered it late, since Jerome Charyn wrote it in 2004 already: „Gangsters & Gold Diggers“. It’s by far the most amusing and surprising story of Broadway, and therefore of New York, written as a clever readers menu: in about 20 biographies of criminals, dancers, singers, actors, writers and politicians. Well … Weiterlesen »

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BARS A Holy Place Has Risen from Ruins

NEVER MISS THIS WATERING HOLE WHEN IN BERLIN! Just hear it’s story: Opened in 1893 and never closed until 2014. Which means: This „Bierstube“ survived the German Empire, the devastating „Inflation“, the Depression, the Nazis and the East German socialist experiment. A splendid history of 121 years. If I would name the famous boozers, their names … Weiterlesen »

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