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HOTSPOTS The Stalowa in Warsaw …

I say: Go there! Some say: Oh no, it’s bloody dangerous!! THE STALOWA IS NOT A SMALL STREET IN POLAND’S CAPITAL. It was an ugly thing in communist times, the center of the steel district (stalow = steel). But – the Germans didn’t destroy the Stalowa in World War II, therefore Roman Polanski filmed „The … Continue reading »

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CAFES When in Warsaw, snack in Wilenska 3!

For breakfast, I would go there every day … THIS QUARTER OF WARSAW IS NOTHING SPECIAL, the street, Wilenska, is without clear and welcoming identity. Just remember: Poland’s capital was razed in World War II. Therefore go straight to No. 3, there you’ll find the Cafe „Wilenska 3“. A strange place: Wall decorations from the … Continue reading »

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TRAVEL Finally There Is a Usable Map …

I discovered one for the road which doesn’t tear when folded I KNOW I’M IN COMMON WATER! There is no one out there who hasn’t cursed the traditional road maps. The usual ones, the ordinaries, the one which grow into a wad after more than one use. Unfold them, try to find what you are … Continue reading »

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HISTORY Moments You Never Forget …

Who was the last man to be killed in Auschwitz – after a fair trial?He was a friendly, good looking, even erudite monster, this Rudolf Höss from the paradisic spa Baden-Baden in Germany. From 1940 to 1943 he was the commandant of the KZ Auschwitz and during his reign of terror 2,43 million jews (Höss … Continue reading »

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NOBILITY A Conversation Piece … (No. 36)

Which country has the most counts, dukes, barons and so on?How strong is nobility in reality? Well, in monarchies the Blueblooded play still an at least optically dominant role. In true democracies they are relicts of a glorious past. But how many people belong to the nobility in countries with an aristocratic past? The figures … Continue reading »

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AUCTION The Critic At Large … (No. 3)

The Star of David a Nazi symbol? You must be out of your mind!On eBay Poland a Yellow Star was offerend, the Mark of Cain, the Jews had to wear in the streets and the getto of Warsaw (and all over Europe). The Nazis forced them to the Star of David and I wanted to … Continue reading »

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