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TRAVEL GUIDES Athens & Rome – Funny!

WHAT A SPLENDID IDEA! It happened long ago, I confess, thousands of years, but the problems didn’t change! Our problems, their problems: When the poet Homer came to Athens and the Apostle Peter to Rome, where could they stay overnight and eat without being rich? What hotspots could they visit? Which streets were safe, which … Weiterlesen »

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LITERATUR Sleep Where Franz Kafka Worked

I LOVE THOSE NOSTALGIAS! Completely useless, an enormous effort for the phantasy and a certain shudder running down your spine. I collect these places and last week I found one in the Czech capital Prague: Room 214 in the Hotel „Century Old Town“. A restored place, an architectural compromise, since the hotel was once the … Weiterlesen »

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WISDOM A Conversation Piece … (No. 47)

Sometimes, but not very often, you detect the wisdom like hens pecking grains of wheat from a courtyard. A tracker out in the savanna might suddenly say something which burns into your mind like an Indian arrow into the roof of a Wild West farm. Or Laurens van der Post mentions something in one of … Weiterlesen »

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LITERATURE The Book To Look … (No. 19)

Don’t believe anything what you read, hear or see about Red China – before you haven’t filtered it trough what you ot to know after reading this wonderful book! Liao Yiwu, an impressive author, banned by the goverment in Beijing, lives after long years in prison as a flute player in the streets of Chengdu, … Weiterlesen »

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