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WILDLIFE A Country Counts The Killers

A strange thing took place in Botswana …IT HAPPENED IN THE PARLIAMENT, in the spring of 2017, in the capital of Gaborone, when the Minister of Wildlife, Tshekedi Khama (the brother of the president, by the way), had to answer this question: „How many of our animals were poached between 2014 and 2017?“ And Khama … Continue reading »

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SECRETS This One Nobody Has Ever Seen!

The strange story of the elusive Flightless Scaly-Tailed Squirrel YES, MAN HAS CON- QUE- RED EARTH, there are no white spots left, maybe some undiscovered caves exist and the bottom of the Seven Seas isn’t’ explored totally either. But a mammal which no living person has ever even seen alive? An animal which was never … Continue reading »

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TRAVEL Moments You Never Forget …

… like a journey with the „Zambezi Queen“ in BotswanaI confess, I didn’t make the journey myself, but I visited the boat. A beautiful vessel, equipped in luxurious splendor, and steaming a unique route – along the Cbobe river in Botswana, just a few kilometers away from the convergence point with Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe! … Continue reading »

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WILDLIFE A Story Of Glory …

Africa’s best country for wild animals? BOTSWANA!Don’t believe the advertisements! Of course there is good wildlife in Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and … – well, not many more countries. But by far and large the best country is Botswana. The reason? Densely populated, fewer tourists, stiff fees in the Sanctuaries, large distances, permits are harder to … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Lost & Found … (No. 37)

In search of the last lions in strange parts of the worldWhen the mapmakers of the 12th century didn’t know what to do with the withe spots (Terra Incognita), they filled them with doodles of strange animals and people and used a formula of abashment: HIC SUNT LEONES – Here are lions. And they were … Continue reading »

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