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CURIOSITIES What Happens Around Llivia …

I KNOW, THERE ARE ENCLAVES ALL OVER THE GLOBE. But very few are a land-island, completely surrounded by another state or nation. Like Gibraltar, Melilla and Ceuta – they are harbors, open on one end, not in a „prison“. Well, I’v been to Campione, a veritable Italian enclave within Switzerland, and there is a Dutch … Weiterlesen »

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MEDICINE A Story Of Glory … (No. 8)

No man, no animal has a greater knowledge of curing plants. Mother Nature’s pharmacy is the workshop of the Sable Antelopes, therefore they are never ill. They know which herb helps agains which partucular desease and when they are not feeling well, they eat what cures them. Amazing! That’s why the Sable is a holy … Weiterlesen »

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