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PEOPLE Who Got The Longest?

The British poet Lord Byron, so it seems … SECRETLY, THE WORLD IS VERY INTERESTED to get the answer to this indecent question. Yes, so it is, don’t deny it! Was it Rasputin, the Sibirean monk, or Don Ameche, the American actor, or Ludwig II, the fairytale king of Bavaria? Few would know for certain. The … Continue reading »

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CURIOSITY Oh, What A Shame … (No. 2)

Mother Nature a pornographer? Yes, on Ko Samui in Thailand …First I saw it a postcard, sent by my friend Helge, the old nitwit. Later an eager tourist guide of the island led me to these spectacular rock formations, thinking that all „Farang“ (or foreigners), coming to Thailand, are sex-orientated and always on the look-ot for … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS A Story of Glory … (Nr. 21)

What is the loudest creature on earth? You wouldn’t believe it! Ralph, my English Celeoptera friend, always asks me such silly questions because he thinks, that Celeopterae – or beetles – are the most amazing and beautiful animals on earth. I don’t think so. But then Ralph came up with this simple question: „What is … Continue reading »

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SEXUALITY I Got A Strange Message … (No.1)

My friend Andreas sent me an Email from Bhutan!„28 after my first visit, I found an astonishing development. The country of the world’s best archers, of the snowcapped 7000s, of the only Buddhistic monarchy and with a young king who officially introduced ‘Gross National Happiness’ instead of ‘Gross Domestic Product’. The result is an optimistic … Continue reading »

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