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Ever Heard Of Dimitri Berea?

I FOUND THE OFFER ON EBAY – and couldn’t believe my eyes: US$ 22 000 for a not so good painting by an obscure artist, plus US$ 195 for the shipping! A Romanian called Dimitri Berea did it, named it „Palma de Mallorca“ and while he lived (from 1908 to 1975) could only dream of … Weiterlesen »

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ARCHTECTURE Mudejar Is Weird …

ISN’T IT STRANGE? When „Orientalism“ became the fashion of the European „Salons“, in the second half of the 19th century, rich people copied (or imported) what gave them a feeling of Harun & Harem, of Oasis & Odalisks, of Beduins & Baclava. Even empe- rors & kings went on expeditions to Baalbek, Ninive and Louxor, … Weiterlesen »

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FILMS Collectors Corner

The professionals call them „Heralds“, for the ordinary people they are „Hand-outs“, distributed from roughly 1930 to 1970, to anvertise the arrival of new movies in cinemas all over the world. But even before the movie theaters died, these small examples of wonderful graphic art got extinct. Greed killed them – and television. They became … Weiterlesen »

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REAL ESTATE If You Ever Come to Palma (Nr. 8)

… because they cause problems in the island’s capital of Palma de Mallorca. Hardly one is wider than four yards and none is higher than three floors. But that’s not the problem for the owners who want to sell them – and can’t. Because all the houses have a room in the neighbouring house! Now explain … Weiterlesen »

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CARS A Story Of Glory … (No. 35)

It’s a Loryc! A very, very rare car. It was built between 1921 and 1930 in three variations: with 8, 10 and 12 HP/PS. A Loryc then cost about 10 000 $ or 8000 Euro and the maximum speed was 87 m/h or 140 km/h. But the strongest model from the island of Mallorca won … Weiterlesen »

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