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AIRPORTS The Chance To Snack With Goethe …

That’s possible in Frankfurt, because a painting became a sculpture! THE IDEA IS/WAS GREAT! Mmhh, 99 % of all the people, passing though the airport in Frankfurt, haven’t the faintest clou who JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE was (the most important German writer, just think of „Faust“), that he was born in Frankfurt, and when he … Continue reading »

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ART A Conversation Piece … (No. 51)

How a Spanish housewife ruined a painting and created a catholic hotspotThe church in Borja (Spain) is wonderful and 400 years old. The oil painting of Jesus, originally from the 19th century, was also a good on in the adapted style of Guido Reni, I would say. But the church fell into oblivion and the … Continue reading »

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ART Interesting People Along The Way (No. 60)

Meet the heavily talented Patrick Mumba from Zambia His sculptures and painting are collected all over the world. They decorate private homes, safari lodges and government offices. Because Patrick Mumba’s works always have a deeper meaning, are an expression of the African soul and are rare examples of the successful combination of the past, the … Continue reading »

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ART If You Ever Come To Zimbabwe (No. 68)

Have a look how the artist developed in the caves!As I told you before: Rock carvings and cave paintings are the origin of art and much more: the earliest examples of public human expression! I’m sure you have seen splendid examples from all over the world, but what the early artists did in the cliffs … Continue reading »

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ART Collectors Corner … (No. 37)

A tale from the modern „1001 Nights“ (Qatar version)The Qataris sit on a large gas bubble who makes them rich. It’s a tiny state, a peninsula in the Persian Gulf, and ruled like a private property by the family al-Thani. Nice people, no dictators, incredibly rich and prepared to share their wealth with their subjects. … Continue reading »

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ART Moments You Never Forget … (No. 16)

It was bloody cold, when I met Andy Warhol but it was niceThe year? Roughly 30 years ago. Where? In Munich (Germany). Andy Warhol had a Vernissage in the newly opened publishing house of Dr. Hubert Burda for whom he composed an enormous canvas, surely 4 x 3 m (or 4,40 x 3,30 yards), showing … Continue reading »

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