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ART Nobody Paints Africa Like Larry …

This Zimbabwean artist is the greatest, says me! I WROTE A POST ABOUT HIM SOME TIME AGO, but I just visited Larry Norton at home in Vic Falls – and was so deeply impressed by this man’s ability to depict Africa on canvas that I have to present some of his latest works! An remarkable … Continue reading »

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ART AI WeiWei Is Top, But Du Zhenjun …

… is a mountain of a talent I just saw in the Beijing Art District! WHAT A SMASHING QUARTER, this new Art District in China’s capital! Squeezed into a former industrial complex, with nearly 100 galleries and as many bistros and bars. Ai WeiWei has his workshop there too, with his usual, provocative and hard … Continue reading »

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ART A Story Of Glory … (No. 6)

The strange story, why Michelangalo had a battered face …It adds enormously to the importance of a painter when two collegues get into a bloody brawl, discussing this painter! This is what happened arund the year 1500 when Pietro Torrigiano (1472-1528) broke the nasal bone of Michelangelo (1475-1564) and left him with an battered face … Continue reading »

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ART The Nice Advice … (No. 60)

You have a Picasso? Have a word with your insurance companyWhy do I tell you this? Because I saw the latest edition of the international „Art Loss Register“. The Spanish painter Picassos is loved by thieves and their anonymous clients, the criminal collectors! In the moment he is by far the No 1 artists, no … Continue reading »

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ART Interesting People Along The Way … (No. 19)

Larry Norton is the master of the painted Africa He lives in Vic Falls and nobody paints Africa better than him – landscapes, animals, plants, historical moments. Larry Norton is a master of the brush. Well, sometimes he caters too much to the tourists taste but its hard for an artist of his quality to survive … Continue reading »

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STARS In Praise of … George Montgomery (No. 5)

It’s unbelievable how talented this actor was!I met him once in the entrance hall of the Palm Springs Art Museum. George Montgomery was at this time re-arranging some of his works he had donated to the museum. „I never tried to make money out of my art“, he told me – but this star in … Continue reading »

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