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CURIOSITIES Wow, Look At Vanuatu …

So small, not many people – and 110 languages … FOR THE LING- UISTS, it’s the hotspot on earth! Because Vanuatu, this archi- pelago of 83 isles in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, formerly known as the New Hebrides, has the highest concentration of linguistic diversity on earth. It’s unbelievable: 110 languages of just … Continue reading »

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LEGENDS Collectors Corner … (No. 35)

You want a piece of the „Bounty“? It’s possible – but very smallIt’s without doubt the most famous ship in history – after the mutiny! No vessel has more books (roughly 500) and films (6) made of her fate. When the mutineers reached Pitcairn in 1790, the final destiny of about half of the renegades, … Continue reading »

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