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Tagged With: Oil

MONSTERS The Critic At Large … (No. 32)

I mentioned the cruel ruler of the oil rich state of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang (worldwide the most hysterical fan of Marilyn Monroe), before. His country, some islands and a bit on the continent in the knee of Africa, has 676 000 inhabitants only and is as small as Belize in Central America. The dictator … Weiterlesen »

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TOWNS A Story Of Glory … (No. 14)

Think of beautiful Dubai, ruined by the desire to eliminate the Bedouin past. Think of beautiful Shanghai, scratched from the map of desirable places by hysterical „modernization“. But Baku is still Baku, capital of Azerbaijan, where the oil industry was invented and the melting pot of Caucasus created a cultural hotspot. Just think of Essad … Weiterlesen »

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