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ARTISTS What A Painter, This Garraza!

NO, HE ISN’T YOUNG ANYMORE and the specialist know him already, this Basque painter with the strange name KEPA GARRAZA MAYO. He was a buddy of the world-famous German artist Joseph Beuys, and in Bilbao, Garraza’s hometown, they celebrate him regularly, even in the local Guggenheim Museum. But he ought to be world famous too, … Weiterlesen »

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POLITICS The USA Are Crazier Than You Think

WHAT I TELL YOU NOW, you will probably not believe. But trust me: I didn’t believe it myself, when it occurred to me. When? In the summer and autumn of 2015. So start listening: First I wanted to sell an almost 200 year old copper bowl from Persia, produced around 1750, part of the famous … Weiterlesen »

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COLLECTING Collectors Corner … (No. 18)

These are the paper bags in the net in front of you, if you sit in an airplane. The ones you puke into if you can’t stand the loopings of the pilot or the food of Indian Airlines. Or the wrench. Most airlines have nicely decorated ones, with their logo, a description of use and … Weiterlesen »

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CARS A Conversation Piece … (No. 45)

When I asked my guide (my controller really) in the Northern Korean capital of Pyöng- yang what this thing on four wheels is, I got the proud answer: „The cuckoo!“ What? „Our car, produced in North Korea!“ I’m a polite visitor, otherwise I would have answered: „Yes, and it looks like it.“ It’s a car … Weiterlesen »

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MONSTERS Collectors Corner … (No. 21)

North Korea has, so they claim, 24 million inhabitants. Every single one, from toddler to three three legged senior, has to wear such a „Kim Pin“. On the left breast of whatever he wears. The pin is a flying red flag with the portrait of President Kim Il Sung, his son, President Kim Jong Il … Weiterlesen »

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FASHION A Story of Glory … (No. 29)

It was surprising news: The North Korean communist party paper „Rodong Sinmun“ declared, „that the Beloved Leader’s modest-looking suits have gripped people’s imagination and became a global vogue.“ Really? The suits consist of an overall-style zipped-up tunic and matching trousers, both usually in khaki shades. Let’s pretend you managed to visit Comrade Kim Jong Il’s … Weiterlesen »

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CALENDER The Critic At Large … (No. 10)

To sanitize their history, some countries leave or left the world order. Ethiopia deleted for a while the five years of Italian occupation (1936-1941) and were half a decade behind the rest of the human community. In Saudi Arabia and other Islamic states 2011 is 1432 because they didn’t want to start with the birth … Weiterlesen »

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IDIOTS Interesting People … (No. 15)

One of the most beautiful islands of Japan is Sado. It lies close to the west coast of the largest island Honshu and opposite the town of Niigata. If you visit there, you will hear a whisper. Something which sounds like Scharlsu Lobert Dschenn-kings. But when I heard it, I knew what they meant. I … Weiterlesen »

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