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Absolutely Silly Question!

FORGIVE ME, I KNOW I SHOULDN’T ASK! But when I stood on Mt. Eden in the centre of Auckland, the biggest town of the Northern Island of New Zealand, the question came to me like a seagull: If I were to start drilling vertically into the ground, through the globe – where would I come … Weiterlesen »

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PARADISE Lost & Found … (No. 66)

Michael Fay is/was the richest man of New Zealand. So it was to be expected that he knew how to finance a life in splendour. When I rounded the Northern Island (I can’t remember why), I suddenly saw Great Mercury Island – and I knew that my phantasy had arrived, and I knew also that … Weiterlesen »

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ANIMALS In Praise Of … The Tuatara (No. 14)

As fossil the Tuatara can be found on almost all continents. Alive in New Zealand only. A big lizard with a scaly skin and a single row of spines running down the neck and back. Some are grey, some olive green, males may reach 60 cm or 24 in and 1,2 kilos (ca. 3 pounds), … Weiterlesen »

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ISLANDS Lost & Found … (No. 47)

Since the mutineers of the „Bounty“ landed on his deserted rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean in 1790, we didn’t hear anything positive from the island. Murder, debauchery, inbreeding, raping of minors, escapes, suicides and so on. But, and this is a big but, in 1838 the self-goverment of Pitcairn, then still a … Weiterlesen »

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HEROES Interesting People … (No. 33)

Go to Linz in Austria, visit the St. Barbara Cemetery and contemplate a few minutes at the grave I show you here. What a story lies here! Andreas Reischek (15 September 1845 – 3 April 1902) was a taxidermist, ornithologist, collector, notable for his extensive expeditions throughout New Zealand – and became the only foreigner … Weiterlesen »

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