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We Are Underestimating Elevator Doors …

… and I can understand Connaisseurs who collect them optically! I WAS REMINDED OF THE MISTAKE WE ALL MAKE by a page in „The New Yorker“ (shown here). The American artist Julia Rothman had 6 elevator doors, all in famous buildings of New York, beautifully painted and the readers were asked, to recognize them (some … Continue reading »

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BOOKS A Modern One For US$ 62 500 – Why?

… because it’s a special edition of Lawrence of Arabia’s main work! IT WAS AUCTIONED AT SWANN’s IN NEW YORK in May (2017) and even the estimate was stunning: US$ 50 000 to 75 000. Not bad for a book which was published in 1926, not 100 years ago: T. E. Lawrence’s „The Seven pillars … Continue reading »

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CURIOSITY The Liberty With A Wristwatch?

Don’t laugh! Some years ago it was planned … THE WORLD FORGOT THIS CRAZY IDEA, not even in New York more than a dozen people remember it: That the Statue of Liberty, out there in the harbor, would get an illuminated wristwatch! It was planned in 1926 when the worst politician the USA ever had … Continue reading »

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ART THEFT … And Then came George!

The amazing story of an (unsuccessful) American sculptor FIRST OF ALL – you might know The Cloisters in New York, this seeming- ly mispla- red roma- nic-gothic monas- tery on the nor- thern tip of Manha- ttan, overlooking the big city. Naturally, you called it a copy, as I did for years.Then you discover, that … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Now The Poachers Went Too Far …

Over 300 elephants were poisoned with Cyanide in Zimbabwe!!! POACHERS CALL IT „A NEW TACTIC” – I call it abominable mass murder! Nowadays they don’t shoot the elephants, that’s too loud, too risky and it deserves a last bit of courage. Poisening is the new silent method of killing, a coward act, without risk, just … Continue reading »

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SURVIVAL In Case You Need A Prison Guide …

An ex Goldman-Sachs secretary wrote one … – very useful!Her name is Joyti Waswani and her crime was to steal more than US$ 5 million from secrets accounts of the world’s most influential financial broker Goldman-Sachs in New York. But she was cought, tried and went to prison. Not very long because she decided to … Continue reading »

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ART Interesting People … (No. 61)

Matteo Pericoli, the architect as artist – a genius!He is an Italian from Milan, worked for various world famous architects (like Richard Meier) and startet a solo carreer as painter, author, critic, teacher and international expert: Matteo Pericoli. You might have seen his best published work: In 2007 he completed „Skyline of the World“, a … Continue reading »

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BARS If You Ever Come to … (No. 48)

How a watering hole in Frankfurt became a piece of art… Frankfurt/Main, ask for the „Bar Oppenheimer“. It’s not a cosy place but an ultra modern one. That’s why the world famous German artist Tobias Rehberger loves it. He is such a fan that he copied it for his exibition at the New York „Art … Continue reading »

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INVITATIONS The Nice Advice … (No. 66)

Ravish Kapoor ist the guy with the most amazing creations!I confess: I have never seen anything like that! I didn’t even know that there are people, able and willing to produce invitations like that! Three dimensional ones, popping up, painted, stitched, filled with anything you want (besides the regular paper documents), even flowers. I just … Continue reading »

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DRINK A Conversation Piece … (No. 8)

Have a glass full – for 10 000 $! And propose to a lady …Even in a city dense with destinations, the „Algonquin“ Hotel in New York City stands out. And be it only for a drink called „Martini on the Rock“, priced at $ 10,000 – with a pre-selected diamond sparkling on the bottom. … Continue reading »

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