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HIDE-AWAYS I’m Going To Tell You A Secret …

… and some people will hate me for doing it!   „ALBERGO DELL’ ANGELO“ is a historic mini-hotel in the southwestern Italian Town of Pieve di Teco. A forgotten settlement in the mountains above the Riviera, which lost 80 % of its inhabitants in the last 20 years, just 1000 are left. An old town, … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Rest In Peace, Giant Earwig!

A requiem for an animal, nobody liked, I think … I CAN’T IMAGINE MORE THAN THREE PERSONS who rejoiced when they saw one. The St. Helena Giant Earwig (Labidura herculanea in Latin) was a monster, at least 3 1/s inches long, with gripping pliers of incredible 1 1/2 inches – on their behind! Thanks god, … Continue reading »

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AIRPORTS The Chance To Snack With Goethe …

That’s possible in Frankfurt, because a painting became a sculpture! THE IDEA IS/WAS GREAT! Mmhh, 99 % of all the people, passing though the airport in Frankfurt, haven’t the faintest clou who JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE was (the most important German writer, just think of „Faust“), that he was born in Frankfurt, and when he … Continue reading »

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