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ANIMALS The Elephant Tragedy, Part 5

YES, PEOPLE TRY TO SAVE ELEPHANTS, DESPERATELY! But it’s in vain, I fear, the poachers and the greedy merchants of death are faster. I just met the former super-model Tatjana Patitz, who with her son joined the „David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust“ in Nairobi. It’s a fine society who cares for orphaned elephants in a sanctuary … Weiterlesen »

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CLUBS The Book(s) To Look … (No. 34)

Let me name two: „The Bulawayo Gentlemen Club“ in Bulawayo (Zimbabwe) and „The Muthaiga Country Club“ in Nairobi (Kenya). Nowhere were the colonies (in this case: British) whiter. Yes, the clubs were wonderful, noble, exclusive but a relict of supposed Aryan supremacy. Africans could enter as servants only. And had to whisper. To treat them … Weiterlesen »

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