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ANIMALS … And Now Poor Harmless Pangolin!

It became endangered. Why? The silly Asians again … THERE IS AN UNPRETENTIOUS MARKET-VILLAGE IN MYANMAR, in the north, close to the Chinese border, called Mong-la. It became the international center of the PANGOLIN trade. June 2016: Customs investigators confiscated in Hong Kong stupefying 4 tons of Pangolin scales, which means: over a 1000 animals … Continue reading »

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EQUIPMENT In Praise Of A Walking Stick

A recent and surprising colonial discovery in Myanmar/Burma … I SAW IT LEANING AGAINST A BAZAAR COUNTER – and it look like nothing! It happened in Yangon which I still prefer to call Rangoon. The bazaar there is just a shadow of past glory but still a place for decent discoveries. Like this walking stick, … Continue reading »

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CLOTHING Follow The Master To His Taylor

How Andreas Bender comes to his wonderful tropical shirts ONCE MORE HAS HE SET THE STANDARD, the „Last Master of the Art of Travel“ – the German-Swiss Andreas Bender. For years I admired his featherlight cotton shirts, and his philosophy to wear a fresh shirt every day, wherever he is. Which means you have to … Continue reading »

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POLITICS The USA Are Crazier Than You Think

Just get to know my auction adventures on the eBay platform … WHAT I TELL YOU NOW, you will probably not believe. But trust me: I didn’t believe it myself, when it occurred to me. When? In the summer and autumn of 2015. So start listening: First I wanted to sell an almost 200 year … Continue reading »

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TRAVEL A Conversation Piece (No. 33)

Win the race for the largest reclining Buddha – more than 100 feet!I can at least name five countries who claim to own the largest reclining Buddha, for instance Sri Lanka, Nepal and Myanmar. And then you happen to travel along the Silk Road in Northern China, pass the city of Yongchang and find yourself … Continue reading »

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TREASURES Lost & Found … (No. 14)

They call them „Opium Weights“ but don’t believe itYou find them everywhere between Calcutta and Dalian, these so called „Opium Weights“. But there are much more weights than there ever was opium in the 19th and 20th century. These tiny but heavy bronze statuettes (but also in iron, copper and brass), existing for 600 years, … Continue reading »

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