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MUSIC Wow, Wat A Record Store …!

Here is, where you find what you can’t find anywhere elseI haven‘t seen anything like this before. Peopled with youngish experts of all nowadays publicly possible genders who know exactly what you men, if you hum three notes or stammer part of a title. Or something like: „Ahhh, I once heard Eartha Kitt sing something … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS The Book To Look … (No. 35)

How insects gave us the soundtrack of our existenceAccording to Socrates, who journeyed to the countryside outside of Athens to hear their siren song, cicadas were the re-incarnation of human poets and singers. In his latest book, „Bug Music“ (St. Martin’s Press, 288 pages, US$ 26.99), David Rothenberg continues his exploration of the relationship between … Continue reading »

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MUSIC A Conversation Piece … (No. 2)

How do you dance „Whipped Cream“? Ask Richard Strauß …I love silly things which signal humour and are impossible to realise. Really? Well, in the moment there is a soprano in Germany who sings the ballet „Swan Lake“, composed by Pjotr Tschaikovsky. It has no libretto naturally! Recently a found another of those classical gags: … Continue reading »

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MUSIC If You Ever Come To … Austria (No. 48)

… visit the Zillertal, the valley of fabulous bands!The Zillertal is a cut into the Alps, running north to south and being 40 km or 25 miles west of the town of Innsbruck in Tyrolia (roughly 2 hours drive from Munich in Bavaria). The WHY can’t be answered, just call it vaguely „tradition“, but in … Continue reading »

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HONOUR Let’s Get Personal … (No. 15)

What’s the value of the Honorary Citizenship of Nashville?Well, I am a proud Honorary Citizen of the glorious city of Nashville (Tennessee). I was elected (they say: „duly accepted“) and given („awarded“) the important looking certificate in the motordrome on September 18th of 1981 – more than 31 years ago. Together with a strong handshake … Continue reading »

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MUSIC A Story Of Glory … (No. 32)

Once I put my fist into the burnt hole of Willie Nelson’s guitarIt’s a weird instrument. Experts wonder how it still sounds like a guitar and not a piece from the scrapeyard. But Willie Nelson loves it. I accompanied him a couple of times on tour, we shot billiard on his estate in Austin (Texas) … Continue reading »

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MUSIC A Story of Glory … (No. 3)

The long way of Isreal Baline from Tjumen in Siberia     Tjumen? No, it’s not a Turkish motorcar but a town in West Sibiria. A strange ugly place. It has one of the very few complete Mammoth sceletons and a temperature span from -50 to +38 Celsius (-58 to +101 F). Tjumen is the … Continue reading »

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