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The Spanish Port celebrates the French writer HE WAS TWICE IN VIGO, and both times Jules Verne was passenger on a ship and something went wrong! First he had to take refuge in Vigo, after tremendous gales almost sank the vessel, the second time, some years later, the ship herself had a grave problem and … Continue reading »

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SOUVENIRS Ever Heard Of The Cycladic Idols?

These figurines impressed the greatest painters and sculptors … … AND I CAN’T THINK OF A MORE BEAUTIFUL SOUVENIR FROM GREECE! Delicate, mostly marble figurines, carved between 5000 and 1600 B. C. Simple beauties, from 7 to 40 cm high, used in today mysterious cults on the Cycladic islands (in the Agean Sea, but not … Continue reading »

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ANIMALS Rest In Peace, Giant Earwig!

A requiem for an animal, nobody liked, I think … I CAN’T IMAGINE MORE THAN THREE PERSONS who rejoiced when they saw one. The St. Helena Giant Earwig (Labidura herculanea in Latin) was a monster, at least 3 1/s inches long, with gripping pliers of incredible 1 1/2 inches – on their behind! Thanks god, … Continue reading »

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CAMBODIA A Weird „Khmer Rouge“ Story …

To master the bloody history, means a strange daily life WHEN I HEARD IT, I COULDN’T BELIEVE IT! But it’s true: The „Khmer Rouge“, who killed roughly a third of their compatriot, the Cambodians, between 1975 and 1978 – in just three years! – amounting to 1,7 or up to 2,2 million people, are ALIVE! … Continue reading »

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SHIPS If You Ever Come To … (No. 76)

… Portsmouth, visit King Henry the Eighth’s long lost flagship!The English are the best seafaring nation indeed. Their relationship with ships is almost a sentimental one. Nowhere, not even in the USA, are more historical vessels salvaged, restaured and put on display. But the „Mary Rose“ broke all records, to show her to the public … Continue reading »

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ART Lost & Found … (No. 73)

An Art Nouveau treasure in Namibia? Of course!I say so, because Namibia was a German Colony from 1884 to 1915, and this was the hightime of Art Nouveau in Deutsch-Südwestafrika (German Southwest-Africa), as the territory was called. Therefore every building was, quite naturally, planned in „Jugendstil“, the German variation of the European style Art Nouveau. … Continue reading »

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SHIPS A Story Of Glory … (No. 38)

From the „Titanic“ to the „Sundowner“ – a hero’s tale „Sundowner“ is a motor yacht, formerly owned by Charles Lightoller, 2nd Officer of  the „Titanic“ – and a survivor of the iceberg desaster in 1912! On 31 May 1940, she was requisitioned by the Admiralty to sail to Dunkirk to assist in the evacuation of British … Continue reading »

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CULTURE The Book To Look … (No. 29)

From Stone Age to Now in 100 man-made things? Fascinating! Neil MacGregor has written this enormous book, the director of the British Museum in London. It’s a important volume to learn, to remember, to wonder – and to disagree! „A History of the World in 100 Objects“ shows and explains what really mattered in evolution … Continue reading »

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SHIPS If You Ever Come To … Edinburgh (No. 38)

Is the Royal yacht „Britannia“ worth a visit? I think soFor ages (since 1954) the British Royal family travelled on this steamer – until she became too expansive in 1997 and was made a museum ship in the Ocean Terminal of Leith (Edinburgh). What you should see are the cabins of Queen Elizabeth II., Prince … Continue reading »

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MONSTERS Interesting People … (No. 32)

… and here it is Horst Böttger, whom they call „The Devil‘s Doctor“Dip into German history. GDR versus BRD, communist East against democratic West. Travel to Hohenschönhausen near Berlin and try to get close to the Stasi prison, including torture cellars and hospital of the Secret Service. On GDR maps the streets around the prisons … Continue reading »

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