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Tagged With: Murderer

MUSIC The News To Use (No. 9)

When Soviet dictator Stalin took a rest on one of his sofas (he never ever slept in a bed), especially in his many Datshas, he very often turned on Mozart’s Symphony No. 23 in D major, K. 181/162b, complete on May 19, 1773. It is sometimes called „Overture“, even though the autograph score bears the title … Weiterlesen »

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DANGER If You Ever Come To Guatemala (No. 29)

Only in two countries are more people murdered every year than in Guatemala! And 97 % of all crimes remain unsolved! Forget police, courts, judges, laws, lawyers, parliament, constitution! There some good persons, very few, but they are weak. The country’s name could easily be CORRUPTEMALA. And to get international financial help they introduce „figleaf … Weiterlesen »

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ISLANDS The Book To Look … (No. 2)

It’s the biography of an innocent murderer from England, who was deported to the penal colony in Tasmania: „For the Term of His Natural Life“. The Australian Marcus Clarke wrote it brilliantly in 1870, it is a work of deepest emotions and highest tension, one of the best „factions“ I ever came across. You can … Weiterlesen »

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