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AUCTIONS You Want A Piece Of A Pope?

There is a original gold-embroidered Mitra for sale …HONESTLY, I DIDN’T KNOW THAT PART OF A POPE’S WARDROBE IS AVAILABLE. But in November (2017) they auction an original Mitra in Munich. It belonged, so the catalogue says, to the Polish Pope John Paul II (1920-2005) – one of these ceremonial hats, used in pompous appearences, … Continue reading »

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MYSTERY A Conversation Piece … (No. 31)

Travel the back of a dragon, feel the mystery of the crystal palace!When you travel from Munich (Germany) northeastward to Prague (Czech Republic), you cross the Bayerische Wald (Bavarian Forest). It’s a strangly mystic region, with traces of Germanic jungle, almost unpenetrable, and in the centre you will encounter a strange rock formation, called Der … Continue reading »

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MUSIC A Story Of Glory … (No. 31)

Werner Grobholz from Munich and his Giovanni Paolo MagginiWhen he squeezes this violin between his chin and his shoulder, you are not aware that he hugs a fortune. But I tell you: Werner Grobholz, celebrated member of the famous classical orchestra Munich Philharmonics, plays an instrument from 1620, manufactured by the Italian master Giovanni Paolo … Continue reading »

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ART Moments You Never Forget … (No. 16)

It was bloody cold, when I met Andy Warhol but it was niceThe year? Roughly 30 years ago. Where? In Munich (Germany). Andy Warhol had a Vernissage in the newly opened publishing house of Dr. Hubert Burda for whom he composed an enormous canvas, surely 4 x 3 m (or 4,40 x 3,30 yards), showing … Continue reading »

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SEX Let’s Get Personal … (No. 14)

What happens when you are stupid and land in a brothel!On a recent rainy day I had trouble with my laptop but I found „Savoy Online Consulting“ in the directory. The telephone was permanently busy, but the adress was round the corner, so I took my laptop and drove there. A nice yellow villa, typical … Continue reading »

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PORCELAIN In Praise of Barnaby Barford (No. 11)

The artist, who created the tableware for the experienced travellerThe British artist Barnaby Barford ist a celebrity in his field of ceramics & porcelain, with a creativeness which brings him far – and sometimes to the borders of Kitsch. But whatever he produces is of high quality, never ugly, he works with the best manufacturers … Continue reading »

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