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MONEY The Multi Zero Desaster!

Look at these banknotes: Documents of corrupt despots … USELESS AND NOT WORTH THE CRISPY PAPER THEY ARE PRINTED ON – and now remember, that both states, Zaire and Zimbabwe, once belonged to the most prosperous countries in Africa and on earth! And then stupid, ruthless and even criminal despots (and their families) ruined the … Continue reading »

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POLITICS No „Comrade“ Nonsense Anymore!

In Zimbabwe they begin to wake up to reality … YOU COULD GO TO PRISON, some years ago, if you forgot to call Zimbabwe’s president Robert Mugabe „Comrade“ face to face. All his compañeros from the struggle for liberation in the 1970s were „Comrades“, or at least „Cmr“ in print. This communist or socialist address … Continue reading »

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MONEY 1 The Old Man’s Useless Banknotes …

How Robert Mugabe invented Zimbabwe’s „Monopoly Money“ … I TOLD YOU IN MY BLOG, REMEMBER: In some parts of Zimbabwe (in the capital Harare and the mining districts) the Chinese currency Yüan is the accepted money.  Because the Chinese are slowly taking over the devastated country of the senile dictator Robert Mugabe, 94, and the … Continue reading »

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MONEY How The Chinese Conquer Africa

A message from poor „Mugabia“, formerly called rich Zimbabwe THIS IS A TOPIC, TOO FEW ARE TALKING ABOUT! How the Chinese, with their government’s backing, are taking over country after country in Africa. By financing and exciting much needed projects – roads, bridges, power stations, state buildings, apartment blocks, farmland, markets and so on – … Continue reading »

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PLACES The News To Use … (No. 25)

Zimbabwe is back – but only with Ethiopian Airlines!It’s a shame, Zambia didn‘t make it. This beautiful and seriously governed country tried to fill the void Zimbabwe‘s regime of Robert Mugabe created with it’s ridiculous policy. But they couldn’t. Why? They lack the infrastructure Zimbabwe has. Their marketing was nut good enough. They didn’t have … Continue reading »

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ART If You Ever Come To Zimbabwe (No. 68)

Have a look how the artist developed in the caves!As I told you before: Rock carvings and cave paintings are the origin of art and much more: the earliest examples of public human expression! I’m sure you have seen splendid examples from all over the world, but what the early artists did in the cliffs … Continue reading »

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MONSTERS The Critic At Large … (No. 33)

Sir Robert, the hell is expecting you, don’t let the devil wait! Sir or Comrade Robert Mugabe (as he is called beside the fact, that the Queen has declared the Sir void) is the hero of independence in Zimbabwe. But he became a bad president. He and his clan robbed the once rich country blind … Continue reading »

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MONEY I Got A Strange Message from … (No. 4)

Zimbabwe: Have you seen a banknote with 12 digits, worth nothing?When my friend Brian tries to send me mail, he has to rush over the border to Zambia and post it there. Well, that’s how it is in President Mugabs’s Zimbabwe. Last week Brian send my an oddity: a banknote of one hundred billion local … Continue reading »

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