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TRAVELS In The Land Of The Catharists …

THEY WERE A CHRISTIAN SECT in the 12th and the 13th century, all over Europe but mainly in the Southwest of France. A purists order, who hated the catholic structures of the church and the papal Rome, preached the simple life and lived in seclusion in fortresses on top of rocky cliffs and almost unreachable … Weiterlesen »

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FRANCE If you Ever Come To … (No. 47)

Even the sight is aweful: not a leaf of green, a rocky horror, barren as a bomb – and the windiest place on earth! The sadists who organize the famous bycicle race „Tour de France“ send the participants from time to time to the summit, by far the hardest leg of all bike races. Up … Weiterlesen »

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MOUNTAINS Lost & Found … (No. 2)

If you had asked Lawrence of Arabia if there can be a snow covered peak on the Arabian Peninsula, he would have said: „Not really!“ But even the Prophet Mohammed, on his extensive wanderings, could have seen snow. Because there is a mountain in Oman, it’s Arabia‘s highest with roughly 9000 ft., on which falls … Weiterlesen »

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