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SOUVENIRS Ever Heard Of The Cycladic Idols?

These figurines impressed the greatest painters and sculptors … … AND I CAN’T THINK OF A MORE BEAUTIFUL SOUVENIR FROM GREECE! Delicate, mostly marble figurines, carved between 5000 and 1600 B. C. Simple beauties, from 7 to 40 cm high, used in today mysterious cults on the Cycladic islands (in the Agean Sea, but not … Continue reading »

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WILDLIFE Bounty Hunters vs. Poachers?

Experts came up with a Wild West idea … DO YOU WANT TO SAFE BAD HUMANS OR NICE RHINOS? That’s the question in a nutshell. Or the other way round: Set man-killers against animal- killers and pay them generously – or do you want to try to protect wildlife the guaranteed useless, old-fashioned way? I … Continue reading »

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