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I Met A Warrior From North Sentinel …

WHAT UTTER NONSENSE IS WRITTEN NOW ABOUT THIS LAST UNKNOWN TRIBE ON EARTH! Just because this American idiot, the missionary John Allen Chau, was speared to death on North Sentinel. My sympathies are with the warrior who did this – defending his world against an unwelcome intruder. What did this Mr. Chau want of these … Weiterlesen »

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HISTORY The Book To Look … (No. 6)

How can a 55 years old beauty from Maryland (USA) write the best book on the Congo? Barbara Kingsolver could with „The Poisenwood Bible“. I never read a more detailed, accurate and fascinating narration of the life of an American missionar’s family, living farther in the dark than the „Heart of Darkness“. With young daughters, … Weiterlesen »

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