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SOUVENIRS Sorry, no more Elephant Poo-Poo!

… because, they say, shit is also part of an endangered animal ,,, FOR YEARS I BROUGHT THE POO-POO HOME FROM AFRICA, a surprising souvenir, enclosed in small acrylic hemisphhere, engraved on the bottom: „Genuine Elephant Poo-Poo“. A pinch only, not more than 5 grams, looking like dirty straw. Such a shit-dome did cost, in … Continue reading »

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HEALTH The Nice Advice … (No. 19)

Malaria? Forget all they tell you. Pharmacy? Just a 30 % chanceI always keep in mind what „Old Otto“ told me in the „Crocodile Lodge“ in Maun (Botswana): „We have nothing but Chloroquin. Take the pills with five fingers* of ‘Rhino piss‘**, sweat the fever out of your lousy body, get healthy or say goodbye!“ … Continue reading »

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