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TRAVELS How Long Took It 100 Years Ago?

THAT’S AN INTERESTING MAP, published in autumn of 2015 by the London newspaper „Daily Mail“. It looks a bit confusing at the first glance since the colors cover the world map a bit. But at the second glance it’s easy to compare your experiences with those, who travelled the same distance in 1914 (before World … Weiterlesen »

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RIVERS The Nice Advice … (No. 49)

My friend Carlos (Probst) had the idea: Take an old Amazon steamer, one of those „Fitzcarraldo Boats“, restore it to rubber boom splendour, add modern luxury and cruise the river system of the Rio Negro and the Salimoes, which end up to be the Amazon. Carlos calls his fleet „Amazonas Clippers“, that sounds good, and … Weiterlesen »

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ANIMALS In Praise of … a Butterfly (No. 2)

Millions fly around Manaus on the upper Amazonas. Big like the hands of a grown man, held together, and so blue that the colour hurts the eyes in blazing sunlight. Nowhere in the world does blue exist so blue, not even in the sky. These butterflies are blueer than feathers, minerals and even the Mandrill’s … Weiterlesen »

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