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Travel To East-Germany – Without Visa!

THE AUTHENTIC REMAINS OF THE ONCE PROUD COMMUNIST PART OF GERMANY are … – a bar-saloon-restaurant, called „Koni’s Center“ in the town of Neubrandenburg. It’s a private museum for the nostalgic hungry and thirsty curiosity-seekers, run by a guy with a strange humour and a vast collection of GDR souvenirs. His name, not surprisingly: Koni. … Weiterlesen »

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ODDITIES Moments You Never Forget … (No. 14)

It’s a miracle: The Tiananmen Square in Beijing is much, much larger. But the Red Square in Moscow looks endlessly bigger. Why is that so? The Red Square measures 70 x 330 m (77 x 360 yards) only, compared to the 500 x 800 m (550 x 880 yards) of Tiananmen. And it is enclosed … Weiterlesen »

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COMMUNISM I Got A Strange Message … (23)

There are political entities on the globe, you wouldn’t believe it. They don’t exist officially, aren’t even on foreign maps, never appear in public! The Republic of Dnjestr is such a construction, recognized by nobody, correctly called „The Transnistrian Moldavian Republic“ since this thing belongs, so the internationally recognized Moldavians believe, to their Moldavia. No, … Weiterlesen »

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