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Travel To East-Germany – Without Visa!

It’s very small nowadays, but very nostalgic – and worth a visit … THE AUTHENTIC REMAINS OF THE ONCE PROUD COMMUNIST PART OF GERMANY are … – a bar-saloon-restaurant, called „Koni’s Center“ in the town of Neubrandenburg. It’s a private museum for the nostalgic hungry and thirsty curiosity-seekers, run by a guy with a strange humour … Continue reading »

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ODDITIES Moments You Never Forget … (No. 14)

Standing on Red Square, wondering why it is so large!It’s a miracle: The Tiananmen Square in Beijing is much, much larger. But the Red Square in Moscow looks endlessly bigger. Why is that so? The Red Square measures 70 x 330 m (77 x 360 yards) only, compared to the 500 x 800 m (550 … Continue reading »

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COMMUNISM I Got A Strange Message … (23)

Ever heard of the Republic of Dnjestr? Try to find it. But where?There are political entities on the globe, you wouldn’t believe it. They don’t exist officially, aren’t even on foreign maps, never appear in public! The Republic of Dnjestr is such a construction, recognized by nobody, correctly called „The Transnistrian Moldavian Republic“ since this … Continue reading »

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