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DRINKS The Critic At Large … (No. 34)

Hhmm, that’s a lot of liquid: 6,599 gallons are 30 Liter! And the bottle shins golden. The perly drink is good and they say, it’s the best champagne in the world! Nevertheless, to order such a bottle is purest propaganda for communism. There are very good champagnes for 30 $ or 23 Euro. Even less. Or … Weiterlesen »

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MONEY Lost & Found … (No. 10)

I was so proud of my five 1000 $ notes I had collected over the years as a kind of totem: „Now I’ll never be poor!“ No one I talk to had ever seen banknotes with a similar value. And then I walked into Benny Binion’s Horseshow Casino in Las Vegas – and saw one … Weiterlesen »

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GHOST TOWNS If You Ever Come To … (No. 33)

Naturally you visit the Death Valley first. If you d0 it my style, you need at least one week. Then you drive up to Zabrieskie Point and leave the valley (on the 190), follow the signs to Beatty (and the 95) – and on the way, to the left up the slope you see it: … Weiterlesen »

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