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PUBS Hey, You Love Beer Mats …?

WALLPAPER, PAINT OR PICTURES? They don’t need that in „The Edgar Wallace“ in London, address: Essex Street No. 40/Devereux Place. Because the landlord assembled a vast collection of beer mats/coasters and displays them in his pub. Hundreds, I would say, maybe more than a thousand. I asked him how many, but he hadn’t the faintest … Weiterlesen »

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BARS Oh, What A Shame … (No. 20)

The Pub is the living room if the English, if they are not at home. That’s especially true for the countryside where the pub is the ganglion of most villages (just watch „Inspector Barnaby“!) There are about 8000 of these bars plus restaurant plus sportsgrund plus nightclub in the country, and as old as the … Weiterlesen »

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